Some great shots

Great video showing us what whale watching Iceland Best time of year tour can really be all about. Not that great weather. However that does not matter that much when you are waiting to see whale for the first time in your life.

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Whale watching Iceland Best time of year

Whale watching Iceland Best time of Year tour: Why go to our tours?

Animals such as whales are so lovely creations that you will never forget it when you see them in whale watching Iceland best time of year You should be able to see them in their real home – the North Atlantic ocean around Iceland. The whale ship we use is named Andrea and is really the largest whale ship in Reykjavik Iceland. There is everything you need on board to go for a whale watching Iceland tour of 3 hours. It is very reliable and family friendly on board. Towards the end of the tour we will have some chocolate or coffee.

 Whale watching Iceland Best time of Year tour: What whale species you might see

Humpback whales are probably the most likely to see on the whale watching tour. It is between twelve to twenty meter and on average weights something like 25-40 tons – that is quite a lot! The average life for them are around 95 to 100 years. In the whale watchingtour it is also very likely you will see the animal Porpoises – they are quite similar as Dolphins and are part of the whales species called toothed. They are far smaller and are on average around 2-3 m long and weights around 50-70 kg. The 3rd most likely to see is the beautiful Minke whales. It is between 9-11 m long and is on average 9-12 tons. They most often life for some 55-60 years. So the three the most likely to see in our whale watching Iceland Best time of year tour.

 Whale watching Iceland Best time of year tour: You will see some birds too

In this great tour you might see famous seabirds and other similar birds. The one you will very likely see is the world well known famous puffin seabird. You wont stop watching it – with its black beutiful back and white underparts. You can most often see them in children books and on other similar items. The 2nd most likely is the Fulmar. It is light-grey and white-gray seabird, that is related to the albatrosses. Hope you will love our whale watching Iceland Best time of year tours.

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