The wonders of Minke Whales in Iceland

Minke whales in Iceland are a wonderful creators. Read about it and learn.

When whale watching in Iceland, one of the whales you will most likely see is the Minke Whale. It is the most common whale around the country as its population is estimated to be 50,000 to 60,000 individuals. It is also the most common in the world as it has an estimated population size of 1,000,000 because they are said to be the most abundant whale species.

The Minke Whales is one of the smallest whale species in the world, with it being the second smallest baleen whale. When it reaches sexual maturity of 6-8 years, the male measures at only 6.9m average while the female measures at 7.4m in length. But while they are one of the smallest, they are very easy to notice as they have their own distinguished features that you can look for.
For one thing, the Minke Whale has the colors black/gray/purple in their bodies. The most common ones (specifically the Northern Hemisphere type) are distinguished by having a white band on each of their flipper. The ones found here in Iceland have black or dark grey colors above their bodies and white colors underneath.

When whale watching in Iceland, you are sure to see Minke Whales as they sometimes leap out of the water. One must take note though that these whales don’t raise their flukes out of the water when they dive. But when they want to be out of the water, expect them to leap out instead of fluking. And when they do, the often bend their backs before vanishing into the water. Then before they to do deep diving, the whales spout 3-5 consecutive times. Minke Whales are known to stay submerged in the water for 20 minutes, but sometimes (if you get lucky) they only do it for 3-5 minutes and you can have the chance of seeing them many times in the duration of the whale watching.

Due to the fact that there are so many Minke Whales, they are mostly the focus of whale watching and whale tours in Iceland—especially in the places of County Cork and Husavik. But because of their behaviors in sea, they are sometimes labeled by whale watchers as “stinky minkes”.

In Faxaflói Bay, the whales don’t mind coming here despite the waters being shallow as they expect to be fed with abundant food that sometimes consist of variou stockfish, plankton, and small surface fish. There are times in the tours that tourists will be able to see the whales feeding on these fishes with various seabirds.

So if you plan to have a vacation in Iceland, don’t forget to put whale watching of Minke Whales in your itinerary. It is a great experience for both children and adults and will also leave you educated about these species.

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